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Oklahoma Lawyers Provide Strong Criminal Defense Representation

Accomplished Norman law firm pursues justice for clients

From the moment you are charged with a crime, each decision you make can have serious long-term consequences. The most important decision you’ll make is which attorney you will trust to defend your fundamental legal rights. At the Matt Swain Law Firm in Norman, we aggressively represent criminal defense clients throughout Cleveland and Oklahoma counties. We know that all criminal charges can be intimidating, so your criminal defense lawyer needs to be one you have complete confidence in. Our lawyers stand with you every step of the way throughout your case: we will not let you surrender your rights or freedom because of fear or uncertainty.

Knowledgeable advocates vigorously confront felony allegations

Felony convictions strip away a person’s freedom and basic rights of citizenship, such as the ability to vote. Our firm delivers strong advocacy against felony charges including:

  • Homicide — First-degree murder can be punishable by death in Oklahoma. Even a manslaughter conviction can trigger a sentence of several years. If you are charged with any type of homicide, our attorneys will prepare a thorough legal and factual defense to minimize the possibility of an unjust verdict.
  • Sex crimes — Allegations of sex crimes can spin out of control very easily. Even before your trial begins, your reputation can suffer permanent damage. Our firm provides thorough representation to challenge the accusations against you and safeguard your rights.
  • Robbery — If you’re convicted of robbery, the most serious of the theft offenses, you face a long sentence. We know, however, that police officers and prosecutors often launch such cases without understanding the complete picture. We ensure that each of your legal defenses is accorded a fair hearing.

No matter how serious the charge might be, we provide the representation and respect you deserve, starting with a free initial consultation.

Attorneys defend Oklahomans in all types of drug crime prosecutions

Don’t be misled by some other states’ lenient drug laws for marijuana possession and other supposedly “minor” offenses.  Oklahoma maintains stringent drug laws for all types of substances, including the misuse of prescription medication. If you face drug charges, you need determined representation. Our knowledgeable lawyers understand the complicated statutes and argue forcefully for appropriate treatment under the law.

Sophisticated advocacy for motorists charged with drunk driving

If you are charged with driving under the influence, or DUI, you could lose your driving privileges and face insurance rate increases, fines and even jail time. Errors frequently occur in the DUI law enforcement process, but many defendants accept punishment without challenging the case against them. We will assess your situation and make sure that you are not mistakenly surrendering your rights.

Creative counsel to succeed in misdemeanor cases

Misdemeanors are punishable by up to one year in jail. Whether your charge arises from a simple assault, DUI or another type of offense, we defend these matters as seriously as other crimes. If you have been convicted of a prior misdemeanor, we can advise you about the possibility of expunging it from your record.

Skillful defense for assault and battery claims

In Oklahoma, assault and battery charges vary widely depending on a range of factors, including how serious the injury is, whether a weapon was involved, and even who the victim was. Often, the action in question was justified as self-defense or was overcharged due to a factual misunderstanding. For both felony and misdemeanor claims, we help clients seek fair charges and results.

Contact a Norman criminal defense attorney for a free initial consultation

The Matt Swain Law Firm defends clients in Cleveland and Oklahoma counties against all types of criminal charges. Please call 405-531-9609 or contact us online for a free initial consultation at our Norman office.